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Home that was on The Elder Scrolls Blades disk
that was on The Elder Scrolls Blades disk
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Start Date: Thu, April 18 2019
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Its not even the problem that it has microtransactions. Its a portable game you almost expect it, however there's also a The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold line between getting too many microtrasactions that I think this crosses.I had this argument again in the days of $5 reservations at game shops. Dlc was birthed by that. Subsequently preorders. People buying games until they're even finished developing..gave arrival to microtransactions. It's disgusting. The future of gaming looks poor. We called this microtransaction shit years before it began and we called matches would turn into $59 base shells and force you to buy all of the guts. That has been going on since xbox 360 was busted charging for dlc that was on The Elder Scrolls Blades disk. It is all headed toward subscription.

Todd can ride the name that is mythical for such a long time. If he continues on this course, he'll find only tragedy waiting for him once the industry is saturated with crap matches such as these, and Bethesda becomes less competitive as a consequence of it. To put it simply: unless the market develops, the participant base for these kinds of games is just likely to thin out much further than it already has. I also have faith in Todd vision for the corporation and love Bethesda. To remain profitable it must accommodate, I get that. I just hope he does not forget his origins and drive away the very people that drove Bethesda into the heights it could now afford to take for granted.

The fact you believe a cell game cost millions to create is outside retarded. At most a few hundred thousand, but millions is. Advertising on interpersonal media is actually pretty cheap, that's why you see so many advertisements for mobile games. The only thing that I can warrant here is the payment of the devs. Legal stuff doesnt count with mobile programs (the way you are speaking of it)? At this point, the abomination called ESB is no more Pay-to-win, as you essentially should throw money into stock space AND chests constantly to be able to play past a certain level. This is just getting worse as people pay into  it and prove Bethesda RIGHT for making this dreadful decision.To whomever reads this: Should you invest money on microtransactions, then you are hurting the gaming business and actual gamers that care about equilibrium and acceptable business practice have zero respect for you.

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