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Really like the Cast & Body bold
Really like the Cast & Body bold
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Location: beijing, 230601
Start Date: Mon, March 25 2019
Expire Date: Fri, March 29 2019 00:00
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Really like the Cast & Body bold and played it on three servers aback it's antecedent absolution in KR and beforehand a few thousand dollars on Blade and Soul Revolution gold these but the NA server ultimately asleep me. No rng boodle box's promise, day 1 censorship accompanied with boodle box and abundance troves. Also, the Amphitheatre charcoal abounding with bots and aswell patched the Cast & Body bold that didn't advanced the robots but chock-full me from application articulation dubs. If I attempted to accuse about these problems on the altercation they banned me from the altercation and assuredly banned me already I asked why I was banned from the aboriginal place. Conclusion, Cast & Body abundant Cast & Body bold but accumulation answerable for NA server could go fuck themselves. I will not anytime play accession Cast & Body bold and that I can acknowledge Ncsoft West and BDO . ?

I enjoyed Cast and Body the few times I attempted it, but two things will charge to action afore I'd anytime play it with any faculty of adherence or seriousness.They charge to absorb gaming abrasion support, accordingly I do not charge to rebind my abrasion switches 3-6 to the bound important bindings the Cast & Body bold affirms. I apperceive it's not a huge accord to accept altered abrasion profiles, but It's the sole Cast & Body bold I've anytime had to save accession keybinding contour for. It is in actuality simple to discount to change it aback if you are done, and may be a affliction in the ass if you will charge to tab out and do added things.

They charge to admission the fucking chatbox appearance limit. You get maybe bisected a book (50 characters or so) afore you run out and charge to spam babble just like a fucknut to say whatever isn't autograph text. Kanji isn't acclimated by us, accord us added amplitude to conduct our mouths! Perhaps the adapt will accept those changes in your mind. Attentive absolute me, if these confused accept happened and apathy this column as I haven't played it in two years. ?

Well, I will aswell be in Cast & Body game, but EU server appears not stable. Afterwards two hours, the host comatose already afterwards patch. The motor is not beforehand for me. The Cast & Body action is still not optimized. If I charge analyze with BDO, the acumen is acceptable here. BDO is simple 60 fps application Remastered mode, but in Cast & Soul, I even set on boilerplate mode, and still HARD to accomplish 60 fps. Cast & Body bold could accept new content, the engine / images is not optimized. It is still poor. If lots of Buy BNS Revolution gold humans came calm for CB bang-up occasions, I lose added fps to 5 fps or even lower. That's artlessly dumb.

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