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For the sake of classic
For the sake of classic
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Location: beijing, 230601
Start Date: Fri, May 03 2019
Expire Date: Fri, May 31 2019 00:00
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Registered since: Sat, March 09 2019
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I understand. In case it does anyway, what exactly are you, stupid? Play with bad images in the event that you will, nobody is going to cheap wow classic gold make you do anything you do not wish to. I'd love to find the older Bloom result make a return (even if it's very subpar), however I'm not going to induce or limit everyone else to that because I happen to enjoy it. Hook up your CRT monitor and your x850 Pro if you're really that enthusiastic, just don't yell at me for not doing it too though. I will be damned if a"purist" is gonna come along and inform me what to work with, do, when, and in which for no other reason than just because he preferrs using it a certain way himself. WoW Classic, assholes!?

Wait the graphics options that are new are the alternative for a reason. So folks that don't need the new graphics do not need to use it and won't see the modifications but the people who do want to use the changes will and will detect but either way it will not affect anyone else but you so I don't understand why anyone would complain about that. That is like complaining just to complain.I do not mind the new UI materials as well as the images since the notion of playing with modern graphics and classic gameplay is really cool, but loot trading and sharding are dumb as hell and shouldn't be at WoW Classic.I personally like sharding, yes it wasn't in vanilla, but without it, sometimes zones were unplayably laggy due to overpopulation, and while yes the planet felt lived in, I would rather be able to playwith.

Nothing in the movie is of genuine consequence except for sharding (or maybe loot trading). Sharding is a huge offender and is totally antithesis to the soul and gameplay of WoW Classic. Groups of gamers dissapearing and reappearing in front of your eyes based on what group you are in or what quest you are doing. And I have a sense that its not just likely to be exclusively for its starting zones . Ion didn't have a light's hope gold buying clear response. The beginning zones may be tolerated, butt seemed like he had been making excuses and didn't give a definitive answer to if it would be used else. For the sake of classic, sharding will need to be set down HARD.

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