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Warrior has always been my favorite class in wow classic gold
Warrior has always been my favorite class in wow classic gold
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Warrior has always been my favorite class in wow classic gold and as far as I recall, the titan's grip passive for Fury warriors was introduced in Wotlk. So I'm somewhat fearful that Fury warriors will be generic with just being able to wield one handed weapons and bad. That is how a Fury warrior stood out for me at least. I would get confused in the early levels honestly for a rogue or something, Since if I get to double wield is one handed weapons. I really do hope that whatever changes blizz are making, they introduce the quality of life changes that they have worked on through the multiple expansions and get all the classes right and make them feel that the very best they have felt in a specific expansion. It will be cool to have the choice to switch the more contemporary ones from WoD.

I believe some folks could appreciate that. It certainly would not ruin the immersion for me, though I will definitely have trouble deciding which versions to use myself.As your usual stuff, this movie est great with fantastic content. But I am wondering if you'r directly about the results. I believe another big difference between servers that are classic and private is the population. There'll be people on servers that are classic and a great deal less end-game raiders who min/max everything. So a whole lot less competition for these items.

I cannot wait for Classic. Following TBC launched I came into playing WoW Classic 4 months. I know some things changed . Remember? I remember when someone said, int enthusiast out and please I'd include Arcane Intellect and might have to add it individually to each raid or party member. Also, dampen magic and Amplify magic, which ceased spells from enemies damaging your toon, and the amplify needed to be used very carefully also. The first WoW Classic felt good being part of gold in wow classic a team and actually linking. I'd say into cata and since towards the end of WOTLK, that dynamic changed somewhat. My view on it.

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