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we're Maplestory M Mesos
we're Maplestory M Mesos
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Location: beijing, 230601
Start Date: Thu, June 13 2019
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A couple of things that we're Maplestory M Mesos currently adding on top of this is because of our designer's shop. To begin with, players can buy templates for like two or three bucks. They could design their own things, and sell it in our money store. 1 difference is going to be our content creators in the game will be able to produce our currency [Blue Merets] by selling them and creating clothing. And we receive a small cut of the revenue. Is that done through in-game money? Yes, it is through in-game money.

We've really taken comments like'we are worried this can be pay-to-win' so everything that is much has been removed by us [that is pay-to-win ]. So we're in a location where we're actually thinking through and ensuring we are have enough of a revenue stream to sustain the service in case, you know, we don't make enough. But we are extremely confident. Like, the characters are cute, folks are really into personalization right now. So we are confident we could maintain our model and sustain the support.

Games are currently moving towards a kind of service model that is live, continuously feeding content to the game. Will that be the situation for MapleStory 2? We've got pretty much all our roadmap planned outside to Q1 2019 for now. It will unquestionably be like MapleStory where we are planning six, when I was working on the match . Otherwise, we couldn't receive any substance that is localized or optimizations through our service. We're doing this for MapleStory 2. In MapleStory, some people felt that progression was buy Maple Mobile Mesos slow, so they'd go on servers to speed things up. How do you really feel about the tweaks and the development system you've made this time around?

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