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the desk of RuneScape gold
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Start Date: Fri, July 19 2019
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Together with the Mega May update, the desk of RuneScape gold Megatha Christie was introduced. Sitting on it is a globe of the world of Gielinor. I believe this might be about the first time we have noticed a projection of Runescape? It's interesting to remember that there is ocean between Morytania and Tirranwn, with nothing else in between. I believe the Eastern Lands are somewhere in this ocean (can not really see them on the globe), but it seems as though there is nothing else.Is this world complete, do you think?

It is interesting to remember that Acheron does not appear to be on the globe so far as I can tell, and that the Kharidian desert appears to expand to the southernmost point of the world (i.e south pole). Does that mean that the tip of Earth is such that sunlight hits the southern areas a great deal over the northern ones? This could help explain the coldness of the North, and the absence of sun in areas such as Forinthry and Morytania...

Throughout all of the Mahjarrat quests I can't appear to know why they were wearing masks before the ritual?

The item is called a"druidic spell". What fuels this form of magic. And in the Shadow before the Storm quest, we utilize a demonic sigil and incantations to start a portal to freakin Hell, yet it costs me ~300gp only to cast a teleport spell to Varrock. What magicks that are foul is that?!?! The trick and incantation from Meeting with runescape 2007 gold History? The tiny teleport scrolls who have magic incantations written from Treasure Trail on them? Can reciting incantations make magic happen, but I still need runes to use magical.

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