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is it actually ethically justifiable to RuneScape gold skin
is it actually ethically justifiable to RuneScape gold skin
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Start Date: Fri, July 26 2019
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So, with that, I leave you with a question: is it actually ethically justifiable to RuneScape gold skin a sentient animal and wear it?

Hey Lore DiscussionAs you may know, we are currently porting upgrading Seers' Village.The Seers don't have a lot of lore attached to them (unless I am mistaken) and it'd be nice to flesh them out a little more with this upgrade. What are your thoughts? What is their history? Where did they all come from? What is the focus of the Seers Council? Can they utilize anything to help them view that the future?Thank youKelps

So I was studying the dialogue which Vet'ion Jr. has together with all the player and it made me think about where his historical allegiances lie. His dialog is as follows: Player: Who's king and the real lord of the lands? Vet'ion Jr.: The powerful heir and lord of this Wilderness. Player: Where is he? Why has not he improved your burden? Vet'ion Jr.: '' I haven't fulfilled my objective. Player: what's your purpose? Vet'ion Jr.: Not what's, what exactly was. A fantastic war tore this land apart and, because of my failings in protecting this property, I take the burden of its waste. I know part of this was in reference to LoTR but would it be wrong to presume that Vet'ion turned into a warrior of Zaros who neglected to maintain the northern Zarosian lands (the jungle ) through the god wars? Is there any extra material that may cover this? I mostly play OSRS and don't know a lot about the lore. But maybe some RS3 content could be insightful/ interesting. In least I presumed this was a interesting thing. Let me know cheap OSRS gold what you think.

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