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The RuneScape gold community would attend the war on lvl 3
The RuneScape gold community would attend the war on lvl 3
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Ranging in an f2p war was completely pointless. There are some who would stand by a few rangers but it's definitely not a plan I'd apply. The RuneScape gold community would attend the war on lvl 3 balances to witness the success and to sometimes record and or report on the war for the forums.

There are also small groups of lvl 50s who were essentially other clans that heard about the war grouping together to pick up all the leftover rune. I would do the same in clan wars, so it was enjoyable. Hilarious tbh.

P2p Wars were good but always modest in amount, in reality nobody fought p2p wars they had been a rarity, and hella pricey. An f2p war would set you back 200k at most where as p2p wars would be double that at a minimum. P2p was chiefly for pk excursions and hanging out around mage lender for 1v1. Usually with 40 additional 126s ready to trap your dumb arse for believing that a man goes pking solo at a party hat.

There were also mini wars, these could be planned but sometimes they would be spontaneous. Once you realise it had been an opposing clan you've encountered, when you died you would gear up and come back to the fight immediately as cheap RS gold a matter of pride. The war would go on until onbe sides members decided they had lost enough, and the Victor would have a great deal of spoils.

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