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thousands of people to RuneScape gold
thousands of people to RuneScape gold
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Location: beijing, 230601
Start Date: Thu, September 05 2019
Expire Date: Mon, September 30 2019 00:00
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Registered since: Sat, March 09 2019
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I mean it's like botting just it assists hundreds if not thousands of people to RuneScape gold get by and make a better life for themselves and clearly there are people from first world countries which also gain from having the ability to perform the high-level content that they like without grinding for hours on end, possibly wasting their lives away and end up as a NEET. (Like for those Venezuelans playing Runescape is a much better use of their time than it is for somebody out of a first world nation ) If you truly want to avoid being influenced by this kind of stuff as far as you can, which you're going be wether it is Venezuelans attempting to put food on the dining table or only any dude running a bot farm, make an Ironman and perform with that.

I understand think im, im lying and people are going to fire me. However one of my OSRS accounts was banned for botting when I have NEVER conducted a bot. Countless hours down the drain, rather than a single individual even remotely believes me once I explain the narrative. They just laugh and say"that you have to have botted". Quite pitiful to be honest. They want more membership cash.

Let us be fair, I do not believe there was any true sick intent giving this poor guy some gold to feed his family. Sure there are other steps that might have been obtained so he could transfer money straight but it's also possible he wasn't considering these steps at the time. Let's not attempt to cheap OSRS gold paint him as this lousy individual who"inderectly affirms" these things once we don't understand all the particulars of the narrative. I'm giving this man the benefit of the doubt and I think you should too for helping this poor guy in need.

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