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twisting everyone's points around RuneScape gold
twisting everyone's points around RuneScape gold
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Start Date: Wed, September 11 2019
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You are beating round the bush and twisting everyone's points around RuneScape gold . Like you cite items being high because that's how it always is, then crashing. That was my point, and the fact I never mentioned smithing. They added amethyst and the thing occurred I mentioned. Players with 92 mining created a killing and players which didn't have it didn't sell it by the time to get its peak price. So you bringing up smithing being restricted out is immaterial because the situation happened in sport . You then bring up alchmate when 75% of the osrs players utilize it.

That was precisely my point about large alching, you'll never find an item with great margins that lasts for over 24 hrs since players will constantly buy out the distribution until the prices are no more profitable, because large alching pushes the market for items which would normally be useless and prevents them from bottoming out like a dead inventory would in real life. High alching provides an artificial need to apparently useless items thus keeping old content related and making the rs market as a whole lot diverse and different compared to other mmos, where many mmos are equipment treadmills where things will eventually become useless and completely irrelevant in time because of power creep and the industry inflation which follows.

" and within days it"s prices dropped when players recognized it was a pointless item...""And it was STILL a shit way to generate gold as it was inside"s high phase of 4k per".Way to nullify your own statement with your words. You say it's high phase was 4k also it immediately dropped in a couple of days yet it's been out for a year and a half and it's sitting in 3.8k at the moment. It had been 7k and sold for more when it released. You are just studying to be heard at this point. Which is why you space out each sentence your thoughts are currently filling your whole screen. "Know exactly what merchers perform on buy OSRS gold when they keep track of historical highs and lows? Know exactly what they"re looking for?" Yes I do.

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