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I really don't think people appreciate the pain
I really don't think people appreciate the pain
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Fri, February 07 2020
Expire Date: Sat, February 08 2020 00:00
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I really don't think people appreciate the pain in the Mut 20 coins for sale ass that would be. Everybody yearns for new attributes and sweeping overhauls, then complain when EA doesn't program special physics for one Madden player's left arm out of 1500. Absolute insanity. I wish another approach was taken by them. Like APEX or Fortnite, possess a base match with constant updates and then sell each'year'. More people would most likely be inclined to play since Madden is'free' and forking over 25 for a brand new roster isn't as bad as sixty. They could even phase in and out MUT. Offer an expiration date or some shit to the cards. I mean lol is already expired by them.

Anybody else have this totally rational love for their normal, late round men that end up pretty decent? I've a lot of guys like that who are kinda role Madden gamers or perhaps a bit better than that however they do not have even have celebrity traits, grow slowly but year after year churns out decent years. This guy is my favorite: Marc Granville. I picked up him in year 2 of my franchise in the round. No dev traits, started as a 70 and at 75 after three years. Every year, but dude only plays. He has been my LE because his sophomore year.

Never made the bowlbut just a great Madden participant. Love guys like that. His career stats. I hope to keep this guy. Also picked up a WR this season in the 4th round because he had 2nd round tier, figuring he can take more than Shepard next year or something, but the dude somehow feels just like Dante Hall reincarated as a kick returner. Each juke, spin I attempt as folks drop. No dev 23 year old traits and 71 overall but still feels like a steal.

My guy for this sort of item is Jamal Agnew within my Cardinals franchise. Pharaoh Cooper had a season ending injury and so did Chase Edmunds in my first year so that I was a little thin on special teams and RB. Agnew had fairly good return stats and was not breaking up the group as a CB therefore that I converted him into cheap Madden 20 coins a RB. In a pinch he performs with way above that score although he's at the mid to lower 60s complete as a RB. He's had 3 reunite TDS in 2 seasons up to now and based on the access to my other RBS he sees the field occasionally in 2 back sets.

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