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I studied interpreting and translation
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Start Date: Mon, March 30 2020
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I studied interpreting and translation and OSRS gold am now working for Jagex as a corporate translator. I didn't get into Runescape game industry on goal but I guess that's the beauty of the sector: it is possible to combine through so many distinct stations and find out about many different areas of the industry(the majority of the people I encountered are quite down to earth and easy to speak to, making it easier to learn if you are eager). There are certainly plenty of challenges along the way but I would say most of them are great ones, the type that would promote self-development and build your confidence, but I don't think any of the challenges is because of my sex.

I obtained a diploma and went the route that was dull! I applied so that I just sort of fell into it and Jagex looked more fun. The main challenge I face is that I have to always prove that I have the job based on my skills and not as a"diversity hire". Not everyone believes that, but some folks prefer to make jokes and it sinks my confidence a little.

I started playing with Runescape 15 decades ago after discovering it on Miniclip amongst the likes of Motherload and Stick RPG. Throughout a game design degree I got back into Runescape game (mainly because everyone was dissing OSRS in favour of AAA games so that I had to defend it is honor and rejoin). I started streaming OSRS and when I graduated I decided it's either'now or never' so took the plunge to go complete time. That was 4 years ago and I have not looked back since - nevertheless it absolutely has it's fair share of barriers because of a good deal of toxicity and echo chambers at the depths of the net where some believe girls only game"to the wrong reasons". It's been a battle but one worth the struggle.

Personally, I always loved to draw and play video games as a child and I knew I needed to do anything. I realised I could combine two of can you buy rs gold my main passions and make a livelihood out of it and discovered this university where I could research game artwork. The course I was very general and I'd concept art, environment art, char art... Both stylised and realistic. By trying out the choices, only I found out that I really loved making environments. By the end of the research I had done 2 different internships. After I got work for an indie business here in Cambridge which unfortunately shut down at the beginning of the summer. After that I ended up here at Jagex!

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