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Furthermore, they have a company they outsource artwork
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Thu, April 02 2020
Expire Date: Fri, April 03 2020 00:00
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Registered since: Tue, October 22 2019
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Furthermore, they have a company they outsource artwork content to to attempt to keep up with need, notice that this does not correlate exactly with RuneScape gold a graphic rework of areas as they lean on this other company simply to help them handle the load of presenting new content, let brand fresh content + upgrading the whole world map. Your whining about a difficult to repair issue, claiming it must have been preserved over the years when it's already blatantly obvious that was infeasible to start with (runescape has been at one consistent graphic degree since RSHD over a decade ago, and maybe not since the release of rs2.)

Expecting them to essentially drop everything to graphically update massive areas that go mostly unexplored by the runescape playerbase, and that's not even touching on the fact that Jagex has already STATED they want to change focus to reworking and improving existing articles when relevant, instead of introducing new content that makes old content redundant. This was enjoyable, but a waste of time. Quality of updates are not going down, runescape player's have bitched about new material not meeting expectations for provided that runescape's been around, old images existing doesn't mean new graphics shouldn't, and updating everything isn't as simple as"create a brand new group.Yeah, that's a good point. Particular activities should be secured behind a minimal departure penalty (e.g. 100k). By way of example, this could allow for equipment to kill energy gatherers that are cursed. Another idea I had entails using a timer for teleporting/logging from the wilderness (like Darkscape). Teleporting should be allowed in any degree of wilderness. To match with this teleblock ought to be added to block the teleport is TB them, or cause them or to kill the opponent. Requirement for TB should be reduced to 25. Cursed energy should maintain its current restrictions (TB function).

Simply make cursed energy untradable, that's definitely the major reason why several robots move at the wildy. Then runescape players can still use it to training and it should greatly reduce botting since they are largely on f2p and the pale energy they can convert it to is nearly worthless. They might also maintain the mechanic were cursed energy gets rid of all limitations to make everyone in the crater by anybody. Then they could add a mechanic similar to the trees in which the cursed energy disappears when you proceed too far from the crater if folks think that it's insufficient risk like that. You'd have to transmute it to never lose it, then if you collect energy for moneymaking or invention there. If they go that route then they could perhaps additionally give cursed energy a small stack limit to induce folks to transmute it into tradable energies frequently.

Because slaying lava wyrms with a death price locking you to a pker at death cost is not affordable. Not worth limiting the majority of the point of cursed energy outside of ironmanning div charges (buyable speedy div xp).The crazy's risk is shit because to shield yourself you risk losing 100's of mils or you're stuck as fodder in discriminated against somebody willing to risk t90+ gear, not a 5m passing price. Opening the wild to fastest way to earn money in runescape your usual gear without danger (besides double/triple passing cost) provides pkers better goals than agil/moth/energy/rc coaches and their skulls. A skull trick increasing the passing cost slightly kinda kills the purpose of skull tricks and lures so that it's a win against the major negatives of the region.

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