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I didn't get into Runescape game industry on purpose
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Tue, June 02 2020
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I didn't get into Runescape game industry on purpose but I guess that is the beauty of the sector: you can join through so many distinct channels and learn about all different areas of the industry(the majority of RS gold the folks I encountered are very down to earth and easy to speak to, making it easier to learn if you're excited ). There are surely plenty of challenges along the way but I'd say almost all of them are great ones, the kind that would encourage self-development and build your confidence, however I don't think any of the challenges is due to my gender.

I moved the route that was boring and obtained a diploma! I applied everywhere so that I just sort of fell into it, and Jagex seemed more fun than others. The principal challenge I face is that I have to always prove that I got the job based on my abilities rather than as a"diversity hire". Not everyone thinks that, but some folks prefer to make jokes and my confidence a little sinks.

I began playing with Runescape 15 decades ago after finding it amongst the likes of Stick RPG and Motherload on Miniclip. Throughout a game design degree I got back to Runescape match (mainly because everybody was dissing OSRS in favour of AAA games so I had to shield it's honor and rejoin). I started streaming OSRS and when I graduated I decided it is either'never or now' so took the plunge to go complete time. This was 4 years ago and I have not looked back since - however it has it's fair share of barriers due to a lot of toxicity and replicate chambers at the depths of the net where some believe girls only game"for the wrong reasons". It's been a struggle but one worth the fight.

I personally always loved to draw and play video games as a youngster and I knew I needed to do anything. I then discovered this university at which I could study game artwork and realised I could combine 2 of my main passions and cheap OSRS gold make a livelihood out of it. The course I was quite general and I'd concept art, environment artwork, char art... Both stylised and realistic. Only by trying all the choices out I found out that I really loved making environments. From the end of my studies I had done 2 internships. After that I got a job in Cambridge which unfortunately shut down in the beginning of the summer here at an company. After that I ended up here at Jagex!

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