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How is pso2? Any manuals and Tips?
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Just after you cleared that goal would you watch the cutscene. For finishing an objective, the rewards were garbage IIRC or boosters. It was the only real way to progress through the narrative, thankfully you were not required to PSO2 Meseta fill ALL the distances on a plank. Once you cleared the spaces that are requisite, you would do a story mission to advance to another board. Story development in episodes 4 and 5 changed radically. They were pretty much the precursor to what we've now (sit several cutscenes, do a particular narrative quest, repeat).

We got the woman who would die for the guy on the universe even though he treats her like crap. We got the wanna-be hero who would leap into danger to save his friends. We got the poor, bad villain who wishes have a glorious struggles and to fight with the most powerful. And who can't stop laughing all the time. I hope it gets better than that.

I have been wanting to try pso2 for a number of years and because it's going onto pc (from the west) in the next few days I was wondering if anybody got any tips for a new player coming into Phantasy Star Online 2. My previous experience of playing mmorpg have been soul and blade, ffxiv and swtor. So I was wondering how they stack to pso2 in terms of narrative, character, world building and gameplay. Iwondering whether there and mained tank.

Phantasy Star Online 2 doesn't have tanks since dps is everything you need. The simplest most tanky (and almost all classes use as a sub class at some point) is Hunter. Your melee with partisans 2 hand blades and the lot. It's also rather tanky due to this passives that they will probably wind up playing at a certain stage and buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta you should just mess round the first couple of degrees, without spending some ability points or feed your mag and decide which one you like to date and then look up a skill tree for the course you need and how to build a mag for that (Mag is like a pet that gives you stats and an"ultimate" skill). Since a reset of the is like 5 bucks and a brand new one 3 dollars, you probably wind up getting 3-4 of these for each specific damage type.

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