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I just got back into OSRS a few weeks ago
I just got back into OSRS a few weeks ago
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Wed, July 15 2020
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I just got back into OSRS a few weeks ago, and RuneScape gold my wife wanted to start playing again too (after like 10 years). She jumped into RS3 as it is all new to her, which pulled me back into RS3 as well. Anyways is cool and fun. I had been way out of left field amazed when I obtained the archie pet ~70k exp, or lvl40 ish. I must delve deeper into the lore with this advice! It's amazing to see how many spectrums CR reaches.

I have not played Runescape in years. Can they release a new skill? Archaeology, Inventing and Divination seem to be the newest 3. They have overhauled a lot, so it is less grindy. Mining/Smithing are much better now. I had not played in around 8 or 9 decades, the images are WAY better today too. Music has always been on point. There is voice acting for pursuit NPCs now too.Can't say that I ever played runescape for the pictures, but yeahthey are better. I hadn't seriously played because mid school in 2005~. I think it has the most in depth method of any MMO.

The entire skill has hundreds of D&D references, it's wonderful. I don't have any resources to do that, but I personally believe Gielinor was originally a D&D setting the Gowers played before they made it into RS. Who wouldn't want a digital version of their D&D world? I wouldn't be shocked to find out this. It would surely make a fantastic setting, particularly. It'd be possible to make a setting manual for Gielinor that may range in the size of a pamphlet into a full blown hardcover book.

I have been slowly working on one for myself over the years, but it's been getting more focus over my own setting, since it is mainly for the novelty of it. Whether an official one got published, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, and there were so many Lore adjustments over the years it'd be useful to have a hard definitive conclusion on some of the stuff. I feel like it'd be a very fun world to play, because happens behind the scenes, and to cheap RS gold run. Is RuneScape still good? I played years back and I'm wondering whether it still holds up. It feels very much the same so far as game play.

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