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Home I left this pure like two years ago and only recently
I left this pure like two years ago and only recently
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Wed, November 25 2020
Expire Date: Thu, November 26 2020 00:00
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Registered since: Tue, October 22 2019
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I left this pure like two years ago and only recently got back it (perm ban, accepted allure ) only to find that the stats were below where they should be, especially because of his level. It is the prayer that gave me a few added combats, but I am aware some of my stats are remarkably low. I have attempted f2p and OSRS gold been somewhat successful though I die more than I'd like. (Adamant gloves) Thanks ahead of time!

I am going freeplay again for some time as I do on occasion but want my money to work for me at precisely the exact same time and have been debating with myself whether to leave my money in my own throne or accept it with me. I understand at 100% Nominal rating I can get 885 maple, 110 mahogany and 8 various nests however I'd drop 75k per day and 1% approval giving me just 3 weeks or so until it's all gone. If I abandon 7.5M into my throne and 100% does anybody know how long it will be till the losses outweigh the gains?

Guess what I am requesting is. . They will not do the job for you. Once you go to freeplay you cant accumulate therewards and the ppl will not do the job for you. Your money will only stay there at 7.5m until you come back to mems. Once again in mems though they willl automattically start again. It's typically better to understand what you are talking about before you post. They'll keep collecting until all the money is gone.

I now have 60 str 1 range 1 def 1 att 41 hp (Im going to SW it to 51 to rip it out)and about 31 cb. When should I level my scope? And if so what to? And I desire a Different Setup also My current setup when I go pk is. When I do level my range I will need a different installation. Any assistance will be RuneScape 2007 gold appreciated Acquire 55 slayer for slayer staff or 50 rc for the staff. You should level your scope to 40 to your chaps or 60 for the dark bow, I suppose? I agree with getting the slayer staff. It strikes really high when meleeing.

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