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Why you should care about Tera coming to consoles by mmotank
Why you should care about Tera coming to consoles by mmotank
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An great monster covered in scales such as armor plating, malformed and misshapen, roars as it prepares to control. A single hunter, wielding a greatsword using a blade as large as their body, winds up a attack. The two clash, claws and weapons striking against one another, until the monster is felled and the protagonist stands exhausted but victorious. Sounds like a scene from Monster Hunter World, but it's actually what you may expect from the dream MMO Tera when it goes into open beta on Xbox One and PS4.

I can imagine what you're thinking:"Another MMO? No thanks." However, Tera is fairly unique among its peers, and has more in common with Dragon's Dogma or even the above Monster Hunter than, say, Final Fantasy 14 or World of Warcraft. Here are only a few reasons why you should give it a shot weekend.

Positioned as a more action-oriented MMORPG, Tera highlights aiming for long-range attacks, combos such as melee attacks, evasive motion, and time your crime with enemy wind-ups, instead of the slower tab-targeting and channeled spells of elderly MMOs. In other words, attacking creatures in this game feels much more like a combat-heavy single-player sport compared to the slower-paced combat you may think of when you hear'MMO.'

Short for Big-Ass Monsters (yes, they are actually called that), BAMs are Tera's variant of elite foes. As you can guess from the name, they are usually fairly large (think sizes anywhere from college bus to three-story house, or occasionally even bigger) and need intense coordination and ability to take down. In the event you successfully defeat these monsters, you will be rewarded with a few of the match's greatest loot.

Tera was originally developed in South Korea by Bluehole Interactive (fun fact: parent company Bluehole additionally owns PUBG Corporation), so its artwork are rather unlike the European-inspired medieval dream of Neverwinter, Elder Scrolls Online, or even the Japanese-developed Final Fantasy 14. There is a good deal of nice detail to be observed on weapons and equipment, and the asymmetrical designs of many parts of clothing make the aesthetics stick out from the audience. Additionally, there are seven races to choose from, including cute little animal people called Popori, the demonic and wicked-looking Castanic, and dragon-humanoids called Aman.

There are 13 classes to pick from in Tera, each modeled after a different type of weapon. Ninjas wield enormous shuriken (as in, larger than their whole body), Reapers toss out scythe-like chain blades, Sorcerers station their intense magic through a turning focus, etc. Check out the full list and tell me you do not wish to play with an elf blowing up enemies with a cannon that seems ripped off a dream gunship.Free-to-play activity MMORPG Tera has been outside on consoles for nearly two months now, but it's already hit two million registered console gamers since then.

Regrettably, there's no celebratory swag for Xbox One players.The PS Plus Bundle comes with a new mount, decorative accessory, and some complimentary elite status: Shadowmare: A mid sized horse bracket that will help you traverse the world of Tera. Blue Baseball Cap: This unique head accessory states,"you're here to celebrate the summer in style!" 15 Days of TERA Elite Status: Within fourteen days of double XP, double gold in creatures and quests, fast travel, everyday gift boxes, and much more!

Tera's console interface has seen two big content updates which brought lots of modifications to the sport, as well as the Ruinous Manor dungeon and Corsair's Stronghold PVP stage. The MMO is also slated to get even more free updates throughout the summer.

In addition, En Masse Entertainment released an accolades trailer compiling all of the compliments Tera's console interface has received from various media outlets. We played the game at launch and found that, while immensely enjoyable, the game had started to show its age.


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