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These are an addition to RuneScape
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Location: hefei, gsd
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Start Date: Thu, March 11 2021
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The roles on the skills team will be listed below and RS gold what they every do... Woodcutting- They supply the Firemaking person and partly supply the structure person by cutting down trees and chopping them up. They're also able to cut trees down along paths rather than cut up them to block off a path. Since this is a very major job there are 2 people for this job. Firemaking- This individual basicly makes fires, the greater the log the longer the fire burns. But fire is a very valuable thing. It may be used to block away pathes, dammage men and women, or send signals to other people. Block off pathes by creating a fire infront of this path.

When a person touches a flame or gets to close to one, they take dammage based upon the log used to make the fire. After the game starts the Firemaking person receives a cloth and a bit of normal logs. The individual may send a messege to other people using the fabric with the flame.

These are an addition to construction. They might be built at any lvl beginning at level 1 and maxing out at 99. In addition this will extend the maxinum number of rooms at a house allowed to 30. Each room has it's limitation and might need another space to be useful. Up to three stones may be placed in this room, of these allowed are only copper, clay and tin. This room price 10,000gp to build. Additionally, it needs a quarry room level 1 (see below).

Mining Room Level 25. Up to five stones might be put in this room, of these permitted are only copper, clay, tin, iron and silver. This room price 25,000gp to build. Additionally, it needs a quarry room level 20. Up to seven rocks might be placed in this room, of those allowed are just copper, clay, tin, silver, iron, coal and stone. This room cost 50,000gp to build.

Mining room level 70. Up to twelve rocks may be put in this room, of those permitted are just copper, tin, clay, silver, iron, coal, gold, mithril, and admanite. This room cost 70,000gp to build. Mining room level 99. Up to sixteen stones may be put in this room, of buy RuneScape gold these allowed are all kinds of stone. This room cost 150,000gp. It also requires a quarry room level 90.

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