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Rsgoldfast - These charms can be utilised in two manners
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Start Date: Mon, July 05 2021
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He's responsible for RuneScape gold keeping their players alive. While they do not have to keep everyone living to win, it will help substantially: every time a person in your team dies, the enemy's heart stone gains 20 hitpoints. Even though it can go over it is first hitpoints level of 250, it cannot surpass 500 hitpoints. To keep his teammates alive he's to use healing spells.

Spells, effects, and level demands as follows: Mend- 65 magical demanded, heals 15% of player's hitpoints. Heal- 78 magical required, heals 20% of participant's hitpoints and reduces all poison damage dealt by two for each hit. Save- 85 magic required, heals 25% of participant's hitpoints, reduces all reoccurring damage, (toxin, Morgan's Javelin spec damage) by 4. Resurrect: 92 magic demanded, fixes half of those hitpoints lost by the person, cures all reoccurring damage completely and prevents poisoning for next minute.

These charms can be utilised in two manners. The healer can use them directly on the person they want to heal. This works well, but is dangerous for the healer as it might mean straying from the base, (Healers can't be murdered while inside their base. Any attacks on these will just render zeros. That said, should they venture outside their base to heal players, then they risk death just as with any other participant ) .

The other alternative is to throw the spell through the center stone. Being blessed with tremendous power, the center stone can deliver the magic over the entire battlefield to its intended goal. This method has a 15 second cool down to the center to regenerate its power.

If the hearthstone has greater then 250 hitpoints the cool down time rises , up to 30 minutes if the stone is at 500 hitpoints. The cool down also drops if it is reduced then 250 hitpoints, all the way to 3 minutes if the rock is at or under 50 hitpoints. It supplies the power for every player to live, without it their hitpoints will immediately empty to zero. The stone is the goal of buy OSRS gold the opposing teams , for if it dies, the match is over.

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