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I am very inactive with runescape now
I am very inactive with runescape now
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Start Date: Sat, July 31 2021
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Disclaimer: I do not take part in these stupid glitches. My assets total 150 million dollars and RuneScape gold I don't need to do anything silly to cause it. SO people saying I cheat and such, please die. THIS IS NOT THE 25K TRICK z0mg! Pew pew pew, since I haven't posted in like what 1 month, as I am very inactive with runescape now. I shall enlighten people with the glitch with pvp. Contrary to the topic's host who only alerted users to the bannings, this actually is the situation.

The glitch is now fixed. Inexperienced players should not attempt to use it. It was discovered by a few acquaintances at first. Then, as time passed, many more discovered it.

Many people died due to the possibility and lost "300k" for each death. They also made money. Jagex discovered the scam. Yes, they are slow at finding bugs. The banhammer* was later released, closely following easter. It warned people they had until Tuesday that they were probably going to be banned.

Abusing clans quickly alerted themselves (The smart ones did it on newb* accounts to have amusement) A riot led by X__icy__x (Forgot his name, he got banned) and then followed by files after files of people who had made the wrong decision and walked through Runescape with their cheat-money. They decided to bring rares out along with them, so if you have a rare, you might be tempted to sell it right now :)

At present there are people beginning to create pictures and YouTube videos of individuals attempting, and succeeding at this glitch, and unfortunately not everyone who did use it will be removed from the game due to the fact that Jagex will give them the benefit of doubt. This is the evidence of the fact that cheap RS gold Jagex is taking rare items. Good for me because I own four Santa hats which I bought at a price of 10m in the month of coincidence.

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